Teens Classes

Capoeira For Teens

Teenagers will develop their confidence and self-esteem. Capoeira is a unique blend of martial arts, music, culture, and camaraderie. Teenagers will learn to play traditional Capoeira instruments and sing traditional Capoeira songs in Portuguese. The class is designed in such a way that everyone can perform and challenge each other

Traditional Capoeira

Martial Art, Music, Dance & Language


Music with traditional instrument

Language Capoeira

Learn Porogese

Group Class Trial

$49 / Month / 6 Classes

Try Capoeira before you commit to us. We guarantee you will not quit.

Group Class

$399 / Month / 12 Classes

This is the class you will sign-up after you finish your trial period.

Private Class

$100 / Per Class / One Hour

Private Class is designed to focus only you with  one and one attention. Children with Special Needs can benefit from this before they transition to the group

Group Class Semester

$3250 / Six Mo

Learn All the Capoeira with great savings when you sign up for the whole semester. Each semester will Give you 6 months of learning. 

Group Class Yearly

$6500 / Yearly

Learn All the Capoeira with great savings when you sign up for the whole Year. Each Year will give you 12  months of learning. 

Fall Offer

Save an Additional 25% when you sign up for the fall Semester


What Can I Expect From This Class?

Each class consists of a warm-up, group calisthenics, and training in individual movements and partnered sequences. In Addition it also introduces to Traditional Capoeira Music, Singing, dancing and Language learning

Is this class any individual ?

The Class is designed to cater to any individual ages 8-12 years and the person with Special Need.

What Should I wear ?

We recommend wearing comfortable workout cloths since there is a lot of movement. We highly recommend wearing our custom-made uniform which you can buy once you sign up for the class.

Should I wear sneaker or is it barefoot ?

Barefoot is recommended since your feet will need to grow accustomed to the movements and “toughen up.”

What If I have Physical Disability ?

Capoeira is for everyone. We are trained everyone despite their Physical or Emotional disability so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful art.  

Is Capoeira a Martial Art ?

Capoeira is an art form unlike any other, it combines elements of martial arts, music, dance, and acrobatics into something that can be really hard to define. Once you experience it you will understand what it’s all about.

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